Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Edge Bakery


My loyal readers would have known how much I love bakeries! Jan and I ordered a lot for breakfast today. We stopped by this spacious bakery because of its excellent reviews online. Blue Edge Bakery is a family owned bakery selling breads and pastries at very reasonable prices. Yeap and we just had to order tons!



Skinny Flat White, 3.80AUD

No latte art but coffee was great enough to pair them with my sweet pastries. Bitter and sweet balance is always what I'm seeking for at bakeries like this one.


Steak & Mushroom, 4.50AUD

Jan being Jan had to had something savoury. It was generous in its filling and not too salty. 


Raspberry And Rhubarb Tart

We also had the Raspberry And Rhubarb Tart. I've never seen both raspberry and rhubarb infused as a topping for a tart. A tad bit sourish for my liking, perhaps it should be a little sweeter for me to fall head over heels for it.


Fetta, Potato, Spinach Roll, 3.50AUD

A good savoury roll that was not too over the top delicious but addictive with every bite god knows why.


Vanilla Slice, 3.50AUD

I fell in love with this creamy rich Vanilla Slice. The filling wasn't too sweet for us so having a block of it was not too sinful. Warning though, the icing was incredibly sweet but only having a thin layer of it was the perfect amount to pick up the sugar rush. I'm immediately refreshed.


Croissant, 3AUD

Croissants are one of my favourite breads ever! Simple, huge and amazing.


Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Buns, 1.20AUD

This danish pastry is a hot sexy mess. It looks a little deconstructed, quirky but still palatable looking because of its vibrant colour. The sweet berry compote was perfect and the sugared icing managed to counterbalance the acidity coming from both fruits.



We sat outside because we did not want to waste a beautiful weather. Having breakfast and a warm cuppa at 12 degrees was the perfect way to start our morning. If you are looking for a breakfast destination in Bicheno, I recommend Blue Edge Bakery.

Blue Edge Bakery
55 Burgess Street
Bicheno, Tasmania 7215

Tel: +(61) 03 6375 1972

Mon to Sun: 6am-4pm

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pasini's Cafe


As this isn't easy enough of a guess? Of course, we ordered another pizza. We had no choice of the small town's available options. Bicheno is a quiet and laid-back town with not much entertainment at hand, but strategically we had to make a pit stop here for the night. Pasini's Cafe was seemingly the best restaurant at the town populated at less than a thousand. Its a friendly family hangout place that is suited for everyone.


Pasini's Seafood Chowder, 17AUD

Cold weather? No worries, we've got soup! We had a huge bowl of seafood chowder to share. It was more of a milky texture than cream. Every chowder I have tasted in Tasmania was different, but all tasteful. Other than the bread which I would like it to be toasted, our seafood chowder was a great complementary dish to the pizza we ordered.


The Gulch Pizza, S:15AUD/M:24AUD/L:31AUD

Everything slabbed on the pizza base was different kinds of seafood. They had on some smoked salmon, octopuses, clams, mussels, salty anchovies, mussels and chili spices on a tomato base, with everything topped with mozzarella of course. You seriously have to taste it to try how good it was.


Espresso Cheesecake, 7AUD

Do not eat the coffee beans I said. Not being a coffee person, Jan regretted that he refused to listen to my words. He was just being gutsy but that did not avail. We swept the coffee beans aside and the rest of the cake was enjoyable. It had the perfect balance of the cream cake in ratio to the biscuit crust.


A very satisfying meal indeed.

Pasini's Cafe
70 Burgess Street, Bicheno
Bicheno, Tasmania 7215

Tel: +(61) 03 6375 1076

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freycinet Lodge Richardson's Bistro & Bar


Greetings from Freycinet National Park at Coles Bay! We were about to trek up a mountain to overlook the stunning Wineglass Bay, but first, we need food to fuel ourselves. Freycinet Lodge Richardson's Bistro & Bar has its own lodge to accommodate visitors. In essence, you'll have access to their rooms and restaurants if you stay with them. Other than Richardson's Bistro (which we dined at), they have a high class dining restaurant called The Bay Restaurant and reservations is a must if you plan to dine at it. Unfortunately, The Bay Restaurant was closed when we were there, but its alright, Freycinet Lodge Richardson's Bistro & Bar has great views overlooking the beach as well as a chain of hills and mountains.


Seafood Antipasto Plate, 24AUD

We shared both dishes and we had mixed feelings with the Seafood Antipasto Plate. Definitely, the prawns were fresh. I've never tasted a bad to mediocre Tasmanian smoked salmon, I guess its their specialty after all because this particular one they nailed it as well. However, one look and you can tell that the mussels have been kept for way too long before serving. The octopus bits were chewy and not the best. I could not comment on the oysters because I've never liked them. My guess was that during the winter months, the bistro receive less customers. Seafoods caught during this period were kept longer because it could not sell out. The toast of bread we added for an additional dollar.


Freycinet Black Angus Beef Lodge Burger, 19.50AUD

Seriously we have been eating far way too many burgers and pizzas during this trip. This time we had a black angus patty with caramelised onions, salad, shoestring fries and tomato chutney on the side. We definitely enjoyed the burger way more than the seafood sampler plate.



Richardson Beach behind me, we had a great view!


The restaurant is spacious with a definite crowd swarming this area during the summer months. My favourite part of having a good meal is to have it with a good companion and a view.


This photo I took was from my window seat, and that's a postcard perfect picture of Richardson Beach. Its a pity we couldn't stay over at the lodge because Coles Bay was only a pit stop before we had to drive a little further up of the eastern coastline after a day of trekking.


Its a public access and we were more than welcomed to take a quiet stroll at our own pace after a hearty meal at the restaurant. What a way to end the meal don't you think?

Freycinet Lodge Richardson's Bistro & Bar
Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay
Tasmania 3141

Tel: +(61) 03 6256 7222

Mon to Sun (Lunch): 10am-5.30pm
                  (Dinner): 5.30pm-9pm

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pigeon Hole


Good morning readers! Okay maybe not morning to some of you guys.. Anyhoo, Jan and I were up early to leave Hobart and continue our journey from the south to the east. We made a stop to Pigeon Hole for breakfast before bidding Hobart goodbye.


Acorn Fed Pork, Apple & Beetroot Slaw, 15AUD

Not too sure how these beet slaw were compounded in the kitchen. I'm not a masterchef but I'm guessing they used pork meats, beets and apples, blend them to achieve that consistency. It was definitely the first I've seen to include the blend of beets with pork and apple. We thought the malt and linseed sourdough could be toasted a little longer because we would've preferred crustier breads.


Poached Cherries, 10AUD

On the other hand, I'm in love with my plate of yoghurt. Both the red quince and cherries were poached, dusted with cut out almonds. The red syrup on the circumference also had just enough sweetness to counterbalance the slightly sourish yoghurt. My my my, we both felt like a healthy duo with our orders.


Pigeon Hole is a healthier cafe option for the health concerned. If you're looking to munch on a ultra dynamic big breakfast calorie puncher, or a purgatoric greasy burger, this is not your place. Service was quick and overall it was a pleasant visit to Pigeon HoleAfter all, healthy can be tasty too.

Pigeon Hole
93 Goulburn Street
Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Tel: +(61) 03 6236 9306

Mon to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Italy


Here is a quick review on what was on our dinner table when all we wanted was fast and easy takeaway food. Jan and I shared a pasta beforehand and took away a large pizza to eat at our hotel.


Little Italy presents their menu in several languages. On the walls, there's also tons of people showing their love on their dining experience to this tiny, yet cozy restaurant.


Spaghetti Carbonara, S:9.50AUD/L:12.50AUD

For our pasta choice, we chose a classic Italian styled Spaghetti Carbonara in large. Jan and I shared the same favourite of our pasta choice, which was.. if you haven't have guessed, its linguine! Ample of cream was used to get that silky texture. I guess its pretty good for its price.


Suprema Pizza, S:12AUD/M:13AUD/L:15AUD

Suprema Pizza wasn't an easy option because there were many others we considered. We were drawn to meats and Suprema Pizza had ham, chicken, salami, mushroom, pineapple and shrimp pieces. 'Yum' is what I would say. However, they could definitely improve with the cutting because its all unequal.


Cheap, good, quick and easy, so its a thumbs up from me!

Little Italy
152 Collins Street, CBD
Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Tel: +(61) 03 6234 8569

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ashes And White


Sometimes when I have no idea what to wear, black and white seems to be always the easiest combination I trust. In winter I like to layer like crazy, three at the very minimum, and five or six at max. Today it starts of with a thermal, then a dress, sweater, and lastly, a jacket. I was wearing a coat earlier on in the day but went ahead to change to a more lightweight option. The jacket is too comfortable, so I ditched my coat and had an affair with this fluffy fleece jacket instead. Oh and yes, I greyed out my pics for this post.

Outfit: 1920s Inspired Dress, Thrifted // Sweater, Supre // Tights, Bonds // Jacket, H&M // Scarf, Thrifted // Snow Boots, Thrifted // Earrings, Pandora // Necklace, Swarovski

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue Eye Seafood Restaurant


Down from a drive from the top of Mount Wellington and we headed to Salamanca to have seafood lunch at Blue Eye Seafood Restaurant. This place looks classy and modernised from inside out. The place is family friendly, the kind of ambiance suited to bring your closed ones to.


We both had the two course lunch set menu costing 25AUD  per person for an entree and a main course. Not bad of a deal aye.


Curried Seafood Chowder

Tasmania is known for its curry with seafood combination, thus the birth of the famous curried scallop pie! Specifically, there's cut out mini mussels inside the seafood chowder which was amazing.


Crumbed Squid

The squid sticks were not overly deep fried and the crumb layer was minimal. This also means that the squid meat was thick. Lots of its moisture and juices have not escaped. Have some lemon drops with it to add some acidity to the flavour. Yum!


Char-Grilled Atlantic Salmon

For the first main, we tried out the Atlantic Salmon with broccolini greens, and roasted potatoes, capsicums. These greens and potatoes were lightly coated with oil to enhance the flavour. The salsa verde on the side made a huge impact when we dip it in. This dish was gluten-free-licious, light, healthy and hearty.


Beer Battered Fish Of The Day

On the day we visited Blue Eye Seafood Restaurant, the fish of the day was sea bass. Even though the exterior of the battered chips were crumbed perfectly, the fish within still had that succulent and juicy texture. For sure its fresh fish that was served on that plate.



We had a good meal here. Service was fantastic and quick. 
Blue Eye Seafood Restaurant is definitely one place I would recommend to have casual lunch at, or maybe that kind of place to have a luscious fine dining experience at for dinner.

Blue Eye Seafood Restaurant
1 Castray Esplanade
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Tel: +(61) 03 6223 5297

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