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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lot 6


Corn Fritters, 12AUD

This is probably the last time I would eat on school grounds as I dined at Lot 6 on my very last day of school. Prices here are cheaper than elsewhere but portions are way smaller too. The corn fritters were small made out with spring onions and coriander. They were delicious when paired with the house's relish. Poached eggs were done well, but just slightly overcooked.


Polenta Eggs, 12AUD

The crispy polenta and parmesan cake has textures like fried bean curd. Lot 6's chilli jam really stood out as a sauce that defines the whole meal. On the side were smashed avocados, poached eggs and rockets. My complain today would be that my poached eggs were seriously overdone and there is no liquid that flows out when I cut it in half. The eggs done were inconsistent, some people have it gooey, some people have it solid.


Overall it was an unsatisfying meal because of the teeny portions and my hardened poached eggs. Even if it wasn't my last day of school, this would be the last time I step food here.

Lot 6
Gate 6 Swanston Street, University of Melbourne
Parkville, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3010

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 2441

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Saturday, July 4, 2015



Introducing to you one of the finest gelato places in town, Pidapipo. The owner, Lisa Valmorbida had many years of experience working in Melbourne's best restaurants. She also attended Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy where she refined her gelato making skills there. These gelatos are handmade daily, and stored in stainless steel pozzetti, which are the tubs above that has an air mixer used to keep the gelato temperature even. At Pidapipo we get the best of Italy and quality is definitely assured. 
Its not rational to eat gelato in the cold this winter period so we had them to take away. The store has limited seats inside, but more outside.


Sorry for hogging the queue but we were spoilt for choice, hm.. what to pick, what to pick?!


We got two 500ml tubs for 10AUD each which we all thought it was definitely worth every penny. If you pick the 500ml tub, you can pick to up to two flavours, but the 1 litre tub would allow for three. We loved the way the tubs were wrapped in simple but lavish wrapping. We felt the excitement of coming home having to unwrap our 'presents'!


Nutella Swirl + Raspberry Swirl + Pistachio + Hazelnut

The Nutella Swirl was unique as they first swirl in liquid Nutella before mixing it with vanilla gelato. This was done on site when you order and the result was that you get chunks of hardened Nutella but it melts in your mouth as you tuck in. Another standout was the Pistachio flavoured gelato and the strong Pistachio taste is almost as if you eat the seed itself. Generally for all four milk based gelatos, they were very dense, creamy, but most importantly they all really got a good punch of flavour. Many gelato parlours can be on par in creaminess and the danger with that is having the gelato taste just like it is, cream. Pidapipo definitely does a good job in truly bringing the flavour out and though its winter, I will still brave the winds and frosty weather for this.

299 Lygon Street, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 4596

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Foxtrot Charlie


Foxtrot Charlie has just recently opened its doors to the public. I love how the aeroplane sets in the centerpiece, and you don't need too much decorations to make a statement. I love flying on an airplane and something about airplanes and airports always put a smile on my face. The brunch food list at Foxtrot Charlie is pretty special especially the ones we ordered were something we have never tried before.


Pulled Beef Bun, 15AUD

The slow cooked pulled beef cheek was sticky and sweet, which left us feeling moreish. The beef was plated in the softest brioche bun with a colourful asian style salad. Aside from the white sesame seeds already stuck on the brioche, black sesame were added on the other side. The dish was not drying because the good amount of mayonnaise gives the meat enough coating and moisture.


Master Stock Poached Chicken With Japanese Style Salad, 22AUD

I do not usually order salad, but since we decided to share both plates, I don't mind it! This salad is pretty unusual that mixes cucumbers, spring onions, seaweed and other herbs altogether. The protein used was poached chicken and everything was dressed in miso aioli. A plate so healthy, so green, and so delicious.


Curious on how they got their name, Foxtrot Charlie? If you realise, Foxtrot and Charlie are words taken out from the Nato phonetic alphabet accredited to the English Alphabet. Nato as in Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet.... and so on. So why the letter C and F? Because C stands for Coffee, and F stands for food. I guess that's an Alpha for creativity!

Foxtrot Charlie
359 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria 3056

Tel: +(61) 03 9387 3397

Mon to Fri: 7.30am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-5pm

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oppa Kitchen


A friend of mine recommended to me a Korean quick cheap eats just along Swanston and I have eaten here multiple times since then. Oppa Kitchen is a new restaurant that is no stranger to many because of its strategic location. The menu is kept simple with mostly just rice bucket dishes, hot stone bibimbap, and a selection of meat choices.



Soy Garlic Peanut Boneless Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), S:6AUD/M:11AUD

We ordered a small sized KFC that was absolutely delish. These fried chicken were succulent because it was the thigh part of the chicken they used, and extremely decadent as it was cooked in Korean sweet garlic soy sauce. It comes with small cut out wedges and fried rice cakes. I am not a huge fan of normal rice cakes in red chili sauce, but when they are fried, I can only say yes please! The slaw on the side looks ordinary but the sauce on it knocked it out off the ballpark.


Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap, 10AUD

For a traditional Korean meal, I love my bibimbap a lot. You can opt for an additional two bucks to have it on hot stone. I don't like having to blow a typhoon every time I take a bite, so the normal plate has always been fine with me. The chili paste glues all the ingredients together after I mixed it up, and it is the key ingredient that enhances the flavour of the dish.


Grilled Pork Belly Bulgogi Meal Bucket, 12AUD

Jan needs his meat and the pork belly hits the spot. There was a side of orange slice and I suggest to squeeze it on the pork belly sauce as it sweetens the acidity of the sauce. Jan also added a side of chili sauce because there was not enough sauce for him. All in all it was still a great dish that satisfies.


Oppa Kitchen is somewhere I would repeatedly go for a quick Korean fix. The place is value for money and not a single plate is more than 12AUD. I mean, Come on.

Oppa Kitchen
271 Swanston Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 421 351 489

Mon to Wed: 11.30am-10pm
Thu to Sat: 11.30am-11pm
Sun: 11.30am-10pm

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

D.O.C Pizza & Mozzarella Bar


Back at it to eat my favourite food in the world, pizzas! D.O.C Pizza is one of Melbourne's best, tried and tested. Its relatively difficult to find a spot for dinner and queues are not an uncommonly sight.


Radicchio Salad, 14.90AUD

I have fears of pink salads because pink leaves are usually bitter. But I do enjoy the shaved fennel with gorgonzola and balsamic sauce topped with walnuts.


Pizza Speck, 22.90AUD

The Pizza Speck consists of smoked prosciutto, fontina cheese, sliced wild mushrooms and thyme. I love how minimal ingredients were made majestic, less is definitely more.


Pizza Ai Porcini, 23.90AUD

On the other hand, we were all blown away by the truffle oil spattered all over the bed of mozzarella, pecorino and wild mushrooms.


Pizza Salsiccia, 20.90AUD

This particular pizza is something different and it was absolutely delicious. Cream broccoli gave the base its colour. The meat used was D.O.C's deli pork sausage, and simply paired with blocks of melted mozzarella. I have always loved creamed broccoli with meats. Simple, easy, and perfect.


Pizza San Daniele, 24.90AUD

Pizza San Daniele is D.O.C's signature pizza with buffalo mozzarella and San Daniele prosciutto on top of the base. A few of us thought there was a little bit too much cheese, but Jan being the cheese lover said he loved it that there was this much. The cheese was great as it balances out the saltiness of the prosciutto slices, but given the excess amount cause it to overpower with a little too much tang.


Sweet Pizza, 12.90AUD

The Sweet Pizza was a land mine full of Belgian white chocolates and it explodes bliss and ecstasy in the mouth. The vanilla bean ice cream tasted so good with that dough, while the sliced strawberries gave the Sweet Pizza some freshness.

The pizzas at D.O.C are thinly pressed, with crusts that expands when wood fired. It is unquestionably my favourite type of base and crust in one perfect plate. Everyone has their preferred types of pizzas, for me D.O.C nailed it in my favoured way possible, the classic Italian way.

DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar
295 Drummond Street, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 2998

Mon to Sun: 12pm-11pm

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Friday, June 26, 2015



Complimentary Bread + Joselito Jamon Iberico & Mahon Cheese Croquetta, 3.50AUD each + Harvey Bay Scallop W Pilpil & Migas, 4AUD

Añada is a Southern Spanish restaurant along Gertrude Street at Fitzroy. The place exudes romanticism and sophistication. The quality of the food on the other hand left us on different levels of the spectrum, some were great, some were not.

The croquettes were perhaps one of the best dishes for the night. We had high expectations after trying the croquette as it was absolutely delicious and oozing with warm melted cheese. An easy dish to make and an absolute heartwarmer. The scallops came to the table still attached to the shell and were a nice starter to have.


Confit Pork Belly W Syrian Lentils & Chicharrones, 23AUD

The Pork Belly was juicy and succulent with every bite. The bed of lentils balance the salty pork flavour and it was really nice and delicious. The pork crackling also crackles nicely in the mouth.


Crispy Skin Snapper W Escabeche & Fennel, 23AUD

This is the most unsatisfying dish we had on the table. The fish was ridiculously tiny and its over salted, I mean grievously salty. On second thought we should have asked the chef to taste the snapper himself and give us a comment on it. It was seriously underwhelming.


Arroz Negro Paella, Calamari, Prawns, Mussels, Trevally & Ink, 36AUD

I did not try the squid ink paella because I don't do squid ink. Jan claimed that it was decent but they could definitely improve on the flavour. The moisture also seemed to be sucked out from the cooking.


Churros, 12AUD

Thankfully we ended on a good note with churros, served with dark sauce on the side.

If I am going all out to be in a pretty fancy restaurant, I just wish the quality of food could be on par with what I am paying for. This is a restaurant I would never go back in a long long time, or ever.

197 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065

Tel: +(61) 03 9415 6101

Mon to Sat: 6pm-10pm
Sun: 12pm-10pm

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Serotonin: Eatery. Exercise & Education


Serotonin Eatery has got Instagramers going crazy when it first opened. Serotonin can be referred to as a neurotransmitter in our bodies that plays a part in balancing your mood. The more serotonin your body produces, the happier you are. Likewise, a deficit of serotonin leads to a state of crestfallen. This cafe is a plant based eatery and everything on the menu is vegan. Wait, whoa, what, no meat?! Protein can be sourced with various nutritious packed ingredients offered on the menu. Beside the cafe is a training facility where you can sign up with a personal trainer to get the best tailored program for your fitness journey. Such unique concept of combining an exercise centre and healthy food place is not ubiquitous in the market, and therefore this market leader is definitely getting people through the doors, always with a queue in line. Well anyway, I was here for the food, not to exercise.


The table setting on one side of the wall is a comfortable cushioned area


communal area is also present, and you get to sit on swings if you want to face the window.


Flat White, 4AUD

The coffee was roasted by 5 Senses Coffee.


Chai Latte, 6AUD

There is a range of caffeine free organic lattes, like the Chai, as well as others including Cacao Coconut Latte, Matcha Latte, Plant Protein Latte, and Golden Latte. We loved how these lattes are served with a smiley face. That got our serotonins increased even before drinking it.


Burnley Big Brekky, 23AUD

The Big Brekky has to be vegan of course. One and a half wholegrain Danish rye was given, and a saucer of beet relish to jam it with. There were also two pieces of rosti, poached eggs, rockets, mushrooms, and roasted roma tomatoes. The mushrooms were especially tasty as it was cooked with thyme and the flavour was strong and robust.


Happy Zucchini Linguine, 18AUD

If you want to fool yourself with that idea of linguine, shredding zucchini is an option. The 'pasta' was cooked in red pesto and cherry tomatoes, added some fresh basil and parsley over it. Of course it would not taste like the real thing, but I think of it more as the healthy dirty salad.


Say hello to my brunch partners for the day, meet Evelyn and Melvin.


Organic Acai Bowl, 19AUD

This cafe's Organic Acai Bowl turned out to be one of the best we ever had. The fluid blend consists of organic acai berries, mangoes, bananas and apples. On top it was dressed with more bananas, mint bee pollen, goji berries, passionfruit, strawberries and Granny Smith apples. The consistency of the Acai Bowl was smooth and fluid unlike many other cafes who serve acai in an almost solid form, I assure you this particular one is not. The bowl looked pretty small but really, there was a good amount of acai mix inside.


There is even an outdoor area, and with more swings!


A picture with the swings, we just had to!

Serotonin Eatery is an institution which would teach you the basis of healthy eating, fitness and the proper way of taking care of your body. Treat your body the right way and happiness comes a long way. I guess to me that means more eating! But seriously guys, try to have a limit in the unhealthy foods you consume. That's a lesson I am still coping and handling with.

By the way, the cafe is just a three minute walk from Burnley station, totally accessible.

Serotonin Dealer
52 Madden Grove, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121

Tel: +(61) 03 8658 3124

Mon to Tue: Closed
Wed to Fri: 7am-3pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-3pm

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