Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen By A Thousand Blessings


Frozen By A Thousand Blessings is my favourite froyo place and they have several branches across Melbourne. Fortunate enough, I can go to the nearest one just two minutes away from where I stay. I have eaten at Frozen By A Thousand Blessings so many times and have compiled a few photos to share.


They always only just have six flavours and the least popular flavours is always constantly changed and you can be assured that the flavours that remained are all the more favoured ones. My favourite by far is the 'Coconut', while the 'Hazelnut And Almond Mylk' comes second. And no I did not spell Mylk wrongly. Current flavours I see as of date including the aforementioned ones include the 'Natural', 'Mango And Soy', 'Passionfruit', 'Pomegranate', 'Green Tea', and 'Chocolate'.


The best part of Frozen By A Thousand Blessings is not just the yoghurt, but of the array of toppings they offer. I always have to ladle in many bits of lemon cheesecake pieces, and by always I mean all the time. They have healthy toppings from fruits to muesli, coconut or almond flakes, chia seeds, goji berries, or the not so healthy from brownies, to Hello Panda biscuits, Reese's chocolates, big fat mochi and candied popcorn. Really, the choices are endless.



If you are conscious about nutrients, they have take-home cards showing you nutritional information and ingredients of each yoghurt. In my case, I am always tempted and always ended up having too much toppings for my own good. Come on, I know I am not the only one.

Frozen By A Thousand Blessings
Shop 209A Melbourne Central, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9671 4574

Frozen By A Thousand Blessings
390 Bridge Road, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121

Tel: +(61) 03 9421 0880

Frozen By A Thousand Blessings
670 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141

Tel: +(61) 03 9421 0880

Frozen by a Thousand Blessings on UrbanspoonFrozen by a Thousand Blessings on UrbanspoonFrozen by a Thousand Blessings on Urbanspoon

Friday, March 27, 2015



Spicy Quail, 24AUD

Mabrown serves quality Chinese food and people from all over town come here for its famous Spicy Quails. They have two branches, one in Balwyn and the other in the city. One quail is halved and each quail costs 8AUD each. It tasted just like chicken, but the standout factor was the spiced sauce cooked over it. The quail skin fully absorbed the spices and it earned that full bodied flavour during the cooking process. Its really not that spicy, upon five I would give it two chili signs.


Sambal kangkong, 15.80AUD

I would eat kang kong more often if they conveniently sell it in Woolies (Clearly I don't go to markets often). Everytime I head to a Chinese restaurant, Sambal Kang Kong seemed to always be the main vegetable dish that I would order. This particular one was cooked with Malaysian prawn paste, chili, other herbs and spices.


King Spare Ribs, 19.80AUD

We all thoroughly enjoyed the King Spare Ribs and we wiped this plate clean. The bell peppers really sweeten the sauce and it was a great complement to the ribs.

After peeking around the restaurant, it was without a doubt that everyone who came to Mabrown were all here for the Spicy Quails and I agree that it was as good as it looks. Another great dinner night out and us three were all very satisfied.

190 Belmore Road, Balwyn
Melbourne, Victoria 3103

Tel: +(61) 03 9816 3755

Mabrown on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Itsy Chequer


Problems with petite girls wearing a midi skirt is that we can easily look short when not worn properly. Mind you I am only 5'3, that's 160cm. I generally have a shorter torso than many, longer legs for my proportion. As a rule of thumb, wear heels or shoes with platforms with at least a few inches high when wearing a midi skirt. I should really get used to wearing heels but somehow or another I am always crawling my way with anything else but that. A higher heel for me would make my legs too long for my body proportion too, just a few extra inches was all I needed. This red midi skirt is opaque to the knee and sheer thereafter, which creates more dimension closer to the hemline. I feel great in everything neutral, just a pop of colour to set the tone. Tell me this is fall appropriate, the weather has been nothing but sort of great lately. Melbourne, keep the cool running.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pho Dzung


Special Beef Combination (S:9.50AUD/M:10.50AUD/L:11.50AUD)

Mmmhmmm, a bowl of steaming hot pho to warm up my belly. At Pho Dzung, trust me when I say that small means medium, medium means large, and large means super sized. This one above was in small. I requested for no tripes. The bowl came with rare beef slices, beef flanks and beef tendons. I was too scared to eat the tendons and so I dumped them into my lunch partner's bowl. The broth was pretty good, more on the sweeter side and the flavour was almost there. Not the best broth quality but good enough to satisfy my cravings. For really good beef and I meant scotch fillet beef on your pho, try Pho 24 on Flinders lane. Now that I am filled up and heated up I am ready to 
battle the winds outside.

Pho Dzung
234 Russell Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 8885

Mon to Sun: 9am-10pm

Pho Dzung City Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar


If you want it cheap and easy, Red Silks Restaurant & Bar has got it all worked out. A whole range of basic cuisines from Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, just about wherever in Asia. Red Silks Restaurant & Bar is also one of RMIT students favourite hangout places and you would typically spot them here during lunch breaks. They have both an indoor as well as an alfresco dining area that we had our meals at.


Foamy Iced Green Tea Milk, 3.80AUD + Foamy Iced Black Tea Milk, 3.80AUD + Grass Jelly On Ice, 3.30AUD

This is totally the place where you can order legit Asian drinks you might have missed or are craving for. They also had drinks such as milo, horlicks, barley, longan on ice and many more.


Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken Fillet And Fried Egg On Rice, 10.80AUD

The skin of the grilled chicken had a very nice marinade on it and it went well with the sweet chilli. A fried egg was also a nice touch so the dish wasn't too simple.


Indonesian Style Fish Fillet On Rice, 11AUD

It looked more like potatoes on rice doesn't it? We first expected grilled fish fillet with black sauce on it or on the side. The gravy was nice and the fish fillet was smooth and meaty, hence we didn't mind that it did not turn out as expected.


Thai Style Herbs N Spice Chicken On Rice, 11AUD

Minced chicken with various herbs that was bursting with flavour. There was sour, sweet, salty and spicy combo glued altogether. The spices hit the right spots which enlivened the whole mixture.


We sat at the corner and enjoyed the rooftop experience. Red Silks Restaurant & Bar makes simple hawker dishes and provides a great space to indulge on it.


My dining partner Abe just had to throw a cheeky smile to the camera. Anyway, the dining area inside Red Silks Restaurant & Bar is pretty sleek and cozy and I would definitely come back for quick cheap eats when I am in the city. Perhaps get an Indian prata or two that I have been craving for recently.

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar
Level 1, 200 Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 9922

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Friday, March 20, 2015

Girl With The Gris Gris


Gumbo (Bowl), 14AUD

Gumbo is a traditional Louisiana's staple dish that involves thick flavoured stock cooked with chicken, shrimp and sausage, normally served over rice but we had it soaked on toast today. The bowl above excluded shrimps but there were plenty of chicken and sausage meats in it. The taste is darker than a goulash since goulash is sweetened with tomato, but the texture would be similar. But honestly it is difficult to explain the taste of Gumbo because its not something I usually eat. It was my first time trying out gumbo and I couldn't make comparisons with other gumbo variations if this particular one would be better than the rest. However, my dining partner and I absolutely loved it and cleaned up the bowl unblemished.


Pulled Pork Po-Boys, 15AUD

The Pulled Pork was another winner. Though it looked not far from par with Subway's sandwiches, it tasted a whole lot better. The juices of the pulled pork was absorbed by the submarine sandwich and it gives the po boy that crunchy yet moist combo. Pulled pork meat was on point with strong tangy bbq sauce flavour.


When I think of New Orleans, Animal's House of The Rising Sun come to mind. And I bet if they have a bar, 
Girl With The Gris Gris would look something similar. You don't come across Louisianan food often in Melbourne and the food here tasted great on so many levels. I suggest give Girl With The Gris Gris a try if you're looking for something different, something unusual for your palate.

Girl With The Gris Gris
18 Market Lane, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9514 4577

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sat: 5.30pm-10pm
Sun: Closed

Girl With The Gris Gris on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Big Sugar Salt


OJ Simpson, 5AUD

Little Big Sugar Salt
got its name based on the menu it offers. It has a pyramidical module that lets you decide on the basis of your breakfast 
preference, on how heavy from little to big, and your inclination towards either the sweet sugary or savoury dishes. It was a blazing hot day so we started with two cups of orange juice squeezed out from both the normal and blood oranges. Flavour of blood oranges are typically more dense than the normal oranges. The combo was a great concoction that balances out the density of the mild and the intensely dense.


Acai Bowl, 17AUD

Still not a huge fan of frozen acai, it needed some serious blending with either almond milk or maybe some coconut water. The granola used was gluten free. On top of the berries was coconut milk frozen yoghurt and the coyo was not smoothed out completely. I love that the textured flakes was still present.


Sir Ron Swanson OBE, 19AUD

Little Big Sugar Salt claimed that they have the tallest croque monsieur in town but I am skeptical on whether that statement is true. It was the best dish we ordered. Melting gruyere oozes out from every layer of toast with braised leek bechamel, slow cooked ham hock and smoked leg ham in between layers.


Blueberry And Ginger Pancakes, 18AUD

These ginger pancakes felt a lot heavier than airy buttermilk ones but it kept us pretty filled up throughout noon. Not only are these pancakes gluten free and dairy free, its also completely vegan. If you are on the vegan movement, this would suit. But honestly, I rather have sinful pancakes anytime. Yes, watch me enjoy in the mouth and suffer on the waist.

Little Big Sugar Salt
385 Victoria Street, Abbotsford
Melbourne, Victoria 3067

Tel: +(61) 03 9427 8818

Mon to Fri: 7.30am-3.30pm
Sat: 8am-4pm
Sun: 9am-4pm

Little Big Sugar Salt - LBSS Cafe on Urbanspoon

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