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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Chicken Pot Pie (Potato Salad + Macaroni & Cheese)

Kenneth Donald, the famous American country singer and record producer collaborated with Kentucky Fried Chicken's CEO to open 'Kenny Rogers Roasters' chain restaurant. With Kenneth's famous background, its no wonder that Kenny Rogers Roasters became a popular eating place in America. Not long after they began franchising outlets overseas, including Singapore.

I quite love this restaurant because the food quality is above average and the price range for such food quality is just right. You will be able to see Kenneth's famous record discs on display as the restaurant's decor.

The Chicken Pot Pie (15.90SGD) is creamy and very filling. The warm bread bowl is a nice companion to the soup. What's the soup inside? Similar to clam chowder but with chicken instead.

Kenny's Quarters (Mashed Potato + Corn Niblets)

Kenny Roger's chicken is really yummy. I always opt for the chicken thighs aka softer and more tender meat. The herbs coated on the chicken skin is what I love most. A quarter chicken with two sides costs 15.90SGD while a half chicken with two sides costs 25.90SGD. Ten bucks difference.

Chicken Caesar Pita (Tomato Cucumber & Onion Salad + Macaroni & Cheese)

Healthy option only if the pita is removed of course.. Grilled chicken with greens and tomatoes. (15.90SGD)

BBQ Chicken Pita (Macaroni & Cheese + Potato Salad)

Kenny Roger's BBQ Chicken Pita is a much better option than the caesar chicken pita because it has BBQ sauce which makes it more flavourful. (15.90SGD)


One of the best parts at Kenny Rogers, you get free warmly baked corn muffins. Love.

All mains comes with two sides. Options are 'Coleslaw', 'Sour Cream & Dill Pasta', 'Garden Pasta Salad', 'Potato Salad', 'Tomato Cucumber & Onion Salad' for the cold sides. 'Macaroni & Cheese', 'Corn Niblets', 'Honey Baked Beans', 'Baked Rice', 'Mashed Potato & Gravy', 'Italian Green Beans', 'Corn On Cob', 'Garlic Parsley Potato' and 'Fresh Steamed Vegetables' are available for the hot sides.

Kenny Rogers Roasters
238 Thomson Road
#03-23/25 Novena Velocity
Singapore 307683

Tel: +(65) 6253 2433

Mon to Sun: 11.30am-9.30pm

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