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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seven Seeds


Bread & Butter Pudding With Vanilla Mascarpone & Bemes, 13AUD

Seven Seeds changes their menu every season. Do get surprised on what's new! I think Seven Seeds have one of the better coffees around town. I go from classes to classes and would get a cup of coffee in between or before classes. I'm pleased that Seven Seeds is located just beside Melbourne uni. Its been kind of crazy I have almost ten coffee cards from different places aside from making coffee at home. Keep them stamps coming!!!

Seven Seeds took its name from a muslim man (here they refer to as Baba Budan), who smuggled seven coffee seeds from Yemen back to India where he started growing his own plantation.

I think their best item on Seven Seeds's list would have to be the Bread & Butter Pudding. Tried this for myself the first time I came here and I was satisfied with what I ordered. I noticed that pastries or other several mains always go hand in hand with mascarpones here in Australia. They don't have it back home in Singapore or Indo. These flavoured cream cheeses are something that I'll miss terribly when I leave.


Wagyu Beef Burger With Relish, Cheese, Pickles & Smoked Aioli, 15AUD

Its a pretty small burger for Australian portion. My friend said it was better than a normal burger. I mean come on, duh, its wagyu!!!


Roasted Pine Mushrooms With A Poached Egg, 15AUD 

Just two flat mushrooms and a poached egg on a sourdough bread, how can we ever be full? Its pretty.... meh~


Crumpets Drizzled In Housemade Honey & Butter, 12AUD

I was torn between two choices. Broke my dilemma and chose to order crumpets. Before coming in to Seven Seeds, I have never known what crumpets were. Yan said I gotta be joking. I'm serious, what the heck are crumpets??? In all seriousness, am I the only lost soul here? After slowly eating them bits by bits because I don't want them to finish... here's what I thought about crumpets: 1) Thicker than hotcakes 2) Smaller than hotcakes 3) Crispier than hotcakes 4) Yummier than hotcakes! There you go, I've just built up the excitement for ya! But seriously, its way better than hotcakes because of the crispiness. 


Eggs Benedict On English Muffins With Prosciutto, Hollandaise & Rocket, 15AUD

This is so tiny for 15 bucks. Mini English muffins aren't as good as the bigger ones. No can do with prosciutto, I always choose bacon or salmon.


My adorable Yan having her Mushrooms benedict.


Was super late for school today, pardon the super messy hair :( On a side note, I'm happy with my crumpets!


What was interesting about Seven Seeds is that they don't just filter and brew their coffee with a normal coffee machines, you can ask them about other methods of making coffee. You could also buy coffee beans and they have a variety for you to choose from. I have some barista skills (I'm pretty good okay!!! *flips hair*) and I could maneuver my way round the coffee machine and make everything on the menu but I can't do latte art for nuts! Just maybe I'll take a class on trying out several other methods on how coffee can be made and presented.

And guys... it would really be so great of you to bring your own 'Keep Cup' for coffee take aways. Lets do our part and help save the environment in every simple way possible :) Overall I find Seven Seeds lacking in substance for food, I think I would only come back for the coffees.


Having brunch in a warehouse sounds astonishingly interesting. I love how laid back and chilled this place is. Check out the barista with the orange hair in the background. I can't stop staring at her the minute I saw her. I just fell in love with....... her hair?! I might just dye mine this colour next. Wait, I think I definitely would.

By the way, if you know nuts about coffee, please read my beginner's guide to coffee, Coffeeology. It'd show you the different coffee types and who knows, you might just get addicted to coffee like me. Cheers!

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 8664

Mon to Sat: 7am-5pm (Kitchen closest at 3pm)
Sun: 8am-5pm
PH: 8am-5pm

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