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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Auction Rooms


I could never get bored of Melbourne style cafes, don't you agree? Since I've been to Melbourne, I've been such a morning person and have grown so much more attached with the coffee culture here.

Auction Rooms doesn't look like it could accommodate so many people but it felt spacious and I easily got enraptured with the ragged yet sophisticated venue. A touch of minor dilapidation, shredded bricks with a modern and simplistic flare made me fall in love with this place.


The key to eating at Auction Rooms is knowing what to order. Some food really taste so great but some... meh.

Crispy-Skinned Free-Rance Berkshire Pork Belly

Crispy-Skinned Free-Range Berkshire Pork Belly, 19AUD

The star of the ingredient of the dish goes to the yummy pork belly with tender meat and uber crispy pork skin. That red pepper-like cubics are actually chilled grilled watermelons. Who would've thought huh? Also, the three fried substance are fried beetroot-pickled quail eggs.

Shady Deal + Merguez Sausage

Shady Deal + Merguez Sausage, 18AUD + 3.50AUD

The 'Shady Deal' is a felony stealing calories, a violation against your waistline. No matter how shady this deal can get, I'm all in to commit this crime.

The shakshuka (dish of eggs spiced in tomato sauce) has the perfect blend. Its rich and savoury with the addition of eggplant, chickpeas, peppers, dukkah nuts and chunks of meredith goats' feta cheese. Dip the grilled bread and eating it would be the best crime you will ever commit.

By the way, 'Shady Deal' is in fact Auction Rooms's best seller, most popular, and tastiest dish on the menu.

Olive Oil Poached Blue Eye Trevalla

Olive Oil Poached Blue Eye Trevalla, 19AUD

The blue eyed trevalla is an antarctic butterfish. As glamourous as it sounds, if you're hungry, you would rather get something a little more... shady. The Blue Eyed Trevalla is a healthier option with soft omelette, clam pippies, two Japanese spinach leaves and two tiny steamed bun.

Plains Paddock Lamb Koftas

Plains Paddock Lamb Koftas, 17AUD

If that's three whole cupcakes instead of the lamb koftas? I would have had a heartier meal perhaps. A long rectangular house-made saffron foccacia is buttered with pomegranate tatziki sauce and three lamb koftas with a poached egg lined accordingly on top of it. The red and green beans are coriander berries and broad beans. 

Flat White + Cappucino + Skinny Mocha

Flat White + Cappucino + Skinny Mocha

I had the Mocha today. You know when you're cramping all you want to eat or indulge on is nothing but chocolate? Always my case.


Doughnuts for sale at Auction Rooms!


Look at Yan and my defeated faces. Us commerce students came right after we finished our last exam paper and guess what? A taste of freedom is undoubtedly sweet. Sweeter than the french toast I would usually eat.


Auction Rooms
103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3051

Tel: +(61) 03 9326 7749

Mon to Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-5pm

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