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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Le Panier


Coffee, tea and French pastries in the late afternoon with the brother and Ksenia who was in town.


Lemon Macaron 2.10USD + Chocolatine, 4.10USD

Refreshing piece of sweet and sour Macaron is always a blessing. And the Chocolatine?? To die for.


Croissant Aux Fruits 4.10USD + Tarte Aux Pêches, 3.75USD

Don't you agree with me that everything with a croissant base tastes delightful? Oh and tart too. With pistachio bits by its back, I couldn't not order.


Croissant, 2.10USD

Ksenia ordered a croissant for herself, classic!


Americano, 1.75USD

I think when eating sweet pastries, its best to be accompanied by a sugarless tea or coffee. They say the type of coffee you drink describes your personality. I think I'm a chameleon because I drink all types of coffee except for... Chai.


Ksenia is Russian and she used to be in the same college as my brother in Seattle.


Le Panier is always crowded with people even on weekdays. Its hard to get a seat but its worth it for the quality of breads and pastries you'll get. Shopping at downtown followed by café et pâtisserie while catching up, I could totally do this all the time. What a great afternoon.

P.s, This place is located right beside the first Starbucks outlet in the world that opened in March 1971. Don't forget to check that out too!

Le Panier
1902 Pike Place
Seattle, Washington State 98101
United States Of America

Tel: +(61) 206 441 3669

Mon to Sat: 7am-6pm
Sun: 7am-5pm

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